Use this any time you need some moral support

Sketchbooker’s Friend is here to hold your hand through some drawing at home.

One packet includes:

  • A 15 minute audio drawing session with Helen, Katie and Tania.
  • A transcript, in case you prefer to read than listen.
  • Our top 10 drawing tips
  • Activity sheets for the other artists in your house.
  • BONUS: Warm fuzzy artist community vibes - join in and share your work with the hashtags #walktosee and #goodshipillo


    'Honestly, it was brilliant! I practiced your accents too.' Emily Powell, UK
    'These ladies are amazing. They literally walk you thru the steps.' Jay Tower, USA
    'I really enjoyed the ‘Sketchbookers Friend’ drawing exercise. And the kids can do it too.' Ruby Wright, UK
    'Me and my daughter were working on The Sketchbookers Friend this afternoon. Amazing!' Anti Timlin, UK

The Sketchbooker's Friend

A friendly little voice in your ear to get you drawing right now, wherever you are, whatever your ability.