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We’re here to offer no-nonsense advice for illustrators and image-makers navigating a creative career.

The Sketchbooker's Friend

Our free gift to you. It's a brilliant tool to loosen up your drawing, get back into the creative habit of observational drawing and feel good about what you create.

What's Included?

✏️ A 15 minute audio drawing session with Helen, Katie and Tania

✏️ Our 10 top tips for drawing

✏️ Extra printable goodies for you and the younger artists in your house

✏️ An enthusiastic and engaged artist community over at #walktosee and #goodshipillo

We can't wait to see you what you draw!

Join us on Instagram every Friday 8pm UK time where we draw along to The Sketchbooker's Friend together, live.
We're @thegoodshipillustration.


'Honestly, it was brilliant! I practiced your accents too.' Emily Powell, UK

'If you are not following The Good Ship Illustration, you should be. These ladies are amazing. They literally walk you thru the steps.’ Jay Tower, USA

'If you haven’t already, follow The Good Ship - so much support and advice out there for illustrators. Looking forward to seeing what they offer in the future.'  Karen Moore, UK

'I really enjoyed the ‘Sketchbookers Friend’ drawing exercise. And the kids can do it too. Such a great thing you are doing, ladies!' Ruby Wright, UK

Here We Are

Helen Stephens

Author, illustrator,
picture book maker

Tania Willis

Map maker, editorial & advertising illustrator

Katie Chappell

Live illustrator, part time 

Here You Go!

You’d love your creative work if only you could find more time to do it, make more money, and feel confident with what you make.

We believe you do have what it takes, illustration needn’t be scary, and we’re with you all the way, along with the rest of the crew in our online community.

The Good Ship plan to roll out lots more exciting courses and content.



 Finding your creative voice with The Good Ship Illustration (our podcast!) 
Get to know us a bit better, and hear how Helen, Tania and Katie found their creative voices.
Click here to read the show notes.


Hashtag Authentic Podcast

We were very excited to chat to Sara Tasker @me_and_orla about why we started The Good Ship Illustration

SCBWI Online Magazine

Helen caught up with Bridget Marzo to talk about how we all met, and why we set sail on this new adventure

Children's Books North Interview

Helen chatted with Children's Book North about our FIND YOUR CREATIVE VOICE course, our favourite northern illustrators and lots more

Nottingham University Interview

This informal interview is around the subjects of: Fly Your Freak Flag in the Face of Trends and Fashion, The curse of the crowd-pleaser and 'Likes', The Art School System and Community.

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