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Find Your Creative Voice: Fly Your Freak Flag

Bask in your weirdness and discover how good it feels to truly be yourself and make your best work.

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The Picture Book Course

Make picture books that small people ABSOLUTELY LOVE. Transform your picture-book-making life in 8 weeks.

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The Business Course

Hold on to your shoulder pads, The Good Ship Illustration Business Course is HERE!


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“There's so much information & you've made it all so fun.

It's priceless to hear the insider knowledge of being real illustrators”


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We're so proud of our online community. It's one of the safest, most supportive corners of the internet for creatives.

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We get it, signing up for a course is a big deal!

We've created a library of delicious freebies for you to try before you make the leap.

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We offer scholarship places for those in need. You can email our Alice and she'll send you a scholarship form. These are treated on a case-by-case basis.

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Good question! You can join a course while the doors are open. We open them for about 1 week (sometimes longer.)

Each course does 1 or 2 live rounds per year. Ish.

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