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p.s. Are you about to ask a course question? We have a really detailed frequently-asked-questions section for each of our courses!

Find Your Creative Voice: Fly Your Freak Flag FAQ
(scroll aaaall the way to the bottom of this page)

The Picture Book Course FAQ
(at the *very* bottom of this page)


Thanks so much for reading the frequently asked questions before emailing us. There's a good chance we've already answered your question!


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Where is the course/how do I access the course?
Here is where you log in to the course, it's ready and waiting for you!
I don't know my password
If you've forgotten your password, click here to log in, then type in your email address (the one you signed up with - if you paid by Paypal, it might be your Paypal email address) and click 'forgot password' underneath the login area.
Check your spam/junk folder in case the password-reset email is hiding in there!
Not receiving our emails about the course? 
Here's how to change your settings (make sure you're logged in to the course first)
When will the 2nd and 3rd payments be taken? How do I make my next payment?
Your next payment will be taken automatically 1 month after the first one, and the third and final payment will happen a month after that. You should see the second payment go out around the same date in the next month. (Have a look at your bank statement / Paypal to see when your first payment went out!)

It's automagical. All you need to do is make sure there are sufficient funds available :)
And if your payment fails...
Aaagh, my payment has failed! How do I fix it?!
Don't panic - you can quickly and easily log in and update your card details. You need up-to-date card details, as well as sufficient funds. Sometimes your bank stops a transaction too if it thinks it's suspicious. In that case, you need to contact your bank.
Here's a nice tutorial on how to update your billing details:
**If you do not update your payment details, your access to the course will be stopped. 😭**
Of course, if none of these answer your question, or you'd like to get in touch about something else, please do email us!